Barcelona’s best coffee roasters

You plan to open a coffee shop, a restaurant, a food truck, a bakery, a hotel, a company in Barcelona, or you’re just a coffee lover, and you wonder where to buy your coffee? You’re looking for the best coffee roasters, offering quality, third wave, specialty coffee, or whatever you call it?

Here is our short list of Barcelona’s best coffee roasters, tasted and approved!

Café de Finca

Passatge Mercè Rodoreda, 2 - 08860 Castelldefels

Café de Finca opened in 2009 in Castelldefels, close to Barcelona. You can taste their coffee in their own coffee shop in Castelldefels, but also in different places in Spain. They seem to have a passion for cyclism, as you can also find their coffee in Orbea Campus Barcelona and Galileo 70 in Madrid, a meeting point for cyclists and coffee lovers!

Special feature: cyclism & coffee lovers, you found your place!

Café de Finca

El Magnifico

Carrer de l'Argenteria, 64 - 08003 Barcelona

El Magnifico was one of the first actors to start offering quality coffee in Barcelona. They have been roasting coffee in the heart of city since 1919! You can taste their coffee in their roasting workshop / take away shop in the Born.

Special feature: they also sell tea under the brand Sans&Sans.


Esperanza Café

MOB&PAU, Ronda Sant Pau, 47 - 08015 Barcelona

Esperanza Café is a micro-roastery focused on organic specialty coffee. They have been roasting in Paris since 2012, and they just opened a brand new coffee lab in Sant Antoni, at MOB&PAU. Esperanza Café is part of Roasters United, a cooperative of independent roasters who import coffee directly from small farmers cooperatives. Together, they promote high quality coffees that are organically grown in democracy. Esperanza Café also opened a Coffee School to train professionals and individuals to green coffee analysis, cupping & roasting.

Special feature: Esperanza is the only roaster to offer 100% organic & fair trade specialty coffee in Barcelona!



Carrer Constança esquina Déu i Mata - 08029 Barcelona

Hidden is a coffee roaster that opened in 2016. You can taste their coffee in their coffee shop, and enjoy their great selection of teas, in which they also specialised.

Special feature: you’ll taste their filter coffee in a wine glass, nice experience!


Nomad Coffee

Carrer de Pujades, 95, 08005 Barcelona

Nomad is an excellent roaster pretty well established in Barcelona. They provide quite a number of coffee shops focused on quality. And you can also meet them in three places of their own:

  • Roasters Home, which is their roasting workshop: Carrer de Pujades, 95, 08005 Barcelona
  • Nomad Lab & Shop, their first coffee shop located Passatge Sert, 12, 08003 Barcelona
  • Nomad Everyday, their new take away coffee shop located in the Raval: Carrer de Joaquín Costa, 26, 08001 Barcelona

Special feature: Nomad Everyday offers nitro cold brew, have a try!

Nomad Lab & Shop


Right Side Coffee


Right Side Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based in Castelldefels, close to Barcelona. It is well established in Barcelona, lots of coffee shops and restaurants serving their coffee.

Special feature: they don’t make blend, as they prefer to offer single origins from coffee farms with which they try to maintain long term relationships.


Slow Mov

Carrer de Luis Antúnez, 18, 08006 Barcelona

SlowMov is a coffee roaster that also promotes local products, share economy and artcraft. They offer different kinds of products in their shop located in Gracia: beers, honey, cheese all made by local producers, and coffee of course. SlowMov sources its coffee through Coutume, a French roaster & coffee buyer. They roast it in their workshop in Gracia, where you can have a café latte while admiring their Giesen roaster.

Special feature: this year SlowMov was the official coffee provider for Catalonia and Spain Aeropress championship! And this means a lot about their work!

Slow Mov - in the backyard