CAFÉ / Pimienta Café : specialty coffee in Poble Sec

Poble Sec is one of my favorite districts in Barcelona. Between the verdurous parks of Montjuic hill and the animated streets of Sant Antoni, Poble Sec reminds me a little bit of Montmartre. But until recently, I did not know where to get good coffee there... Yet, a few months ago, I came across this little take away coffee shop and I knew that it was exactly what was missing!

Pimienta Café opened in November 2016, in the quiet Carrer de Radas, close to one of my favorite organic bakeries, la Fabrique. Kassio is the owner & barista of Pimienta Café. As a Brazilian who grew up in a family of coffee farmers and roasters, he has always dreamed of keeping the tradition alive!

How did everything start?

Kassio grew up in Brazil. His grandfather had a little coffee farm, and his father is a coffee roaster in the city of Monte Carmelo, Minas Gerais. Kassio has always wanted to follow the family tradition and become a roaster himself. But to start, he decided to open a coffee shop. He discovered Barcelona when he was younger and fell in love with the city. A few years later, he opened his café. If everything goes well, his dream is to start roasting one day and offer his own coffee in his coffee shop. 

What kind of coffee can you find at Pimienta Café?

Kassio started with Right Side Coffee roaster, and keeps on serving their coffee as his coffee shop grows. But he also gets coffee from other roasters to make people discover other origins and roasting styles. He sometimes has organic coffee from Esperanza Café, but also coffee from Puchero, or even coffee from Brazil brought here by his family!

When I visited him, Kassio prepared an AeroPress for me with natural coffee from Ethiopia, Sidama, roasted by Esperanza Café.

His recipe:

  • 17g of coffee
  • 250g of water
  • no pre-infusion
  • pouring: 30 seconds
  • waiting: 40 seconds
  • pressing: 30 seconds.

Amazing result. Cheers!

Pimienta Café
Carrer de Radas, 51 - 
08004 Barcelona
Monday to Friday: 7:30 am - 5 pm
Saturday: 9 am - 2 pm